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On hers, if I do it that way, it never fills. If I attach it to the overflow tube so the fill tube runs the water right into the tank all seems to work fine other than the fact that the new toilet parts have a very weak plastic clip for this tube. What am I missing here?

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Good job getting the toilet back working Patti. But if I had to guess, it sounds like the fill valve is not working correctly. Speaking of toilets, can you tell me why the stuff poo, toilet paper does not always go down the toilet. I have a regular toilet not a low flow one. Also sometimes when I flush it, there is a bubble in the bowl. Thanks for any advice. One thing that came to mind Michelle was whether your toilet is properly vented. All plumbing fixtures should be vented to the outside of your home. This helps the water drain properly.

And if your toilet or sink are not vented then draining becomes a bit harder. You can check for venting by going outside and taking a look at your roof. These are venting pipes connected to your waste system. There are a few different options you can explore though for venting. My copper water line extends about 4 inches inside the tank of my toilet. I had to buy a new fill valve. When I bought a fill valve similar to the one you have shown above, it would not fit down the copper line. The line is too long, but I finally found one that works.

Secondly, I wanted to replace the two plastic nuts and seal underneath the fill valve but because the water line extends up into the tank, I cannot remove the old ones. What should I do? Thanks for your help in advance!! Any ideas how to stop it? Often times these two are the culprit for those phantom flushes. Make sure you buy a flapper and fill valve that work for Toto. Do I need to attach the chain to something?

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Any specific info you give me will be useful. Is it safe to shut off the water supply to the toilet for over 1 week at a time?

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The flapper snaps onto the two pegs on the overflow pipe in the center of the toilet tank. My toilet keeps running no matter what. First I changed the flapper.


Then I replaced the fill valve, the flapper, even installed a flapper repair kit just to be positive that the flapper sealed. It still ran. Had a plumber come out 3 times. It still runs! What else can I do other than change out the whole toilet? I wonder if you have a small leak where the bolts tighten the tank to the bowl.

We have two other toilets in the house, both American Standard this one is a Kohler , and no problem, so I find it extremely hard to believe our water pressure is to blame! My husband replaced the already new flapper and still it runs. The outside of the tank is completely dry, there is no water dripping onto the floor, and none passing through the toilet bowl.

I wonder if the seal on the flush valve is bad.

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It appears as though water is leaking from the tank to the toilet. Make sure to get a flush valve for your specific toilet brand. Thanks Jeff My husband has now replaced every part inside the tank, and has intimate working knowledge of how it all comes apart and goes back together. And still it runs … Less than before, but enough, and frequently enough, to drive us crazy.

At our wits end, calling in a plumber or replacing the whole toilet may now be the only option. Thanks so much — we just replaced the flappers yuk yuk … that word cracks me up, too! Thanks for helping me solve our toilet problem! Your directions were not only helpful but considering the subject matter it was painless and fun to watch. Thanks so much! Homes need plumbers or good DIYers. I have a Toto toilet and have never has any problems with it.

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Of late after flushing it refills the tank in a stop and start fashion with a? After filling all ok.

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What has caused the flow change from continuous to a stop and start fill pattern? If the tank is older Mary you might need to replace the fill valve.

Not a big problem. Just make sure the new fill valve is for your Toto model. Thank you so much!

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  • Flush toilet.

I am so glad I found this website and video. Our toilet has been running on and off every 5 min for months now. Our landlord sucks and always gives us a hard time when it comes to repairs on the house, so we were hesitant to tell him.

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Thank you for teaching me something, and saving me a ton of money! You totally made me smile Andrea. Believe me, I know how expensive a running toilet can be!!! Please let me know if I can help in any other way. How do I stop the screech? That sounds like a fill valve issue for sure David. My 6 month old toilet keeps running every 5 minutes. I observed the water level in the tank and it does indeed go down, which makes me think that the valve is working properly. Hmmm Hadi, it could be the seal between the flush valve and toilet tank itself.

But your toilet is so new!! You could break the tank. Do you notice any water on the floor. The reason I ask is to determine if the water is leaking from the tank bolts. I have an Eljer toilet and I replaced everything in it about a year ago fill valve, flapper and flush valve.