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In the annals of joy—a very small book indeed—Dame Edna has a large chapter. Dame Edna lived the fame that she satirized. In her sensational Dadaist passage through time, Edna has called the audience up for a barbecue, only to leave them alone onstage while she exited to change costumes, been elevated on a cherry picker to sing her finale to the balcony, and infantalized adult viewers, asking them to raise and tremble the thrown gladiolas. Dame Edna is that rarest sighting in our time of the absolute comic, an inspired personification of caprice whose comedy answered the primal call to take the audience for a tumble.

What did Edna say? Did you get a gladdy? Dame Edna may leave the stage, but she will never leave my heart. I love her. I honor her. Her beauty made me do it is a very old excuse after all. I only want to be a princess, if it is in the tradition of Jim C.

Red Hood's Revenge

This installment is good and gives the reader a good dose of Talia, who perhaps is most mysterious of the the three princesses. Her character gets more development, and we find more of her back story.

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This isn't to say that there aren't developments for Danielle and Snow, but Talia is center stage. The action starts with what looks to be an attempt on the life of Danielle and quickly progesses to trip to Talia's home. Hines should get a huge amount of respect for his handling of rape Talia is from Talia, the Sun and the Moon and for truly thinking about the effect of fairy curses.

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Too often fairy curses and gifts are seen as blessings in disguise or just blessings, Hines takes a more realstic approach. What I really like is how each of three four if you count Hood women is strong in a totally different way.

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Danielle who is the princess close to a Disney princess is wonderful because her philosphey is shown simply as different than Talia's. I loved, really loved, the way Danielle defeated the Wild Hunt. Snow is somewhat like a Jedi struggling with the dark side, but without the lightsaber and written millons of times better than anything Lucas turned out; Talia is more than just a ninja, Xena knock off; having many complex levels. I also really like that the amount of friendship that Hines shows in these books. Too often women are seen either just talking about men or backstabbing each other women writers are just as bad as men writers in this regard , none of that here.

True, Danielle mentions her husband and child, but it is not the center of conversation, more a facet of her character. Hines also touches, briefly, but it is there on the current issues and concerns of the West with Shia Shi'a, Shira law.

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He changes it, of course, into fairy and human law. It should be noted, however, that Talia's culture is drawn from Muslim culture and the culture is treated with respect by Hines. While there is conflict over religion, Hines also illustrates more acceptance for behavior than in other cultures, like Snow's. Jul 26, Joshua Palmatier rated it really liked it. Red Hood's Revenge is the third book in Jim C.

Hines' Princess series and I have to say that it is by far the best. In fact, I think it's the best book Jim has written to date. The main idea is that Little Red Riding Hood isn't as innocent as you might think and has become the Lady of the Red Hood, one of the kingdom's best assassins. She has been bested in the past only once by Talia Sleeping Beauty when she made an attempt on Queen Bea's life.

Now, Red Hood had returned to the kingdom of Lorindar, ostensibly in an attempt to kill Danielle Cinderella but with perhaps the added benefit that she'll get to face off against Talia again. Who has hired her and why is a mystery that must be solved, even as they attempt to keep Danielle and Talia alive.

If I say anything more, I'll ruin one of the twists and turns that the plot takes throughout the novel, so I'll shut up now. Suffice it say that the plot centers more around Red Hood and Talia--and specifically Talia--and that it is the most solid and focused plot that Jim Hines has written to date, which is why I enjoyed the book so much. The main idea was clear, the plotting and characters strong and focused, and we delved into a different part of this world that was both interesting and different and brought out a tremendous amount of Talia's past and the "real" story behind Sleeping Beauty.

And this is why I think I liked this book better than the first two: it's focus was on one of the three main characters. The first book, The Stepsister Scheme , was focused on Danielle, but wasn't really that in depth about her back story. And the second book, The Mermaid's Madness , wasn't really about any of the three characters. But this book not only involved Talia, but the main plot was also deeply entwined with Talia's back story, and THAT is what hooked me and kept me interested. It was well thought out, and the twists came at the perfect moments.

The issues I had with the book were incredibly small. The Red Hood was the catalyst for the events revolving around Talia, and she certainly had a significant role to play in those events, but in the end the book was more about Talia than her or her revenge. So the title is slightly misleading. Again, a minor quibble that didn't detract from the book at all.

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My second extremely minor quibble is with the one chapter that dealt with the battle before the castle. I simply wanted the battle to have been more.

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More emotionally involving. There is a lot of heightening of tensions leading up to the battle, with attempts to forstall it and such, so when the battle inevitably began I felt it didn't have quite the weight that it we'd been lead to believe it would have. I think this is because the three main characters weren't involved in the battle itself much except for Talia at the beginning , so Hines kept the focus on them instead, but I still felt the battle was glossed over a little too much. An extremely minor quibble that only affected that one chapter. Overall, an excellent book, interesting and involving and with a strong, tight plot that kept me reading.

Bravo, Jim!

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I look forward to the next installment. Apr 03, Algernon Darth Anyan rated it it was ok Shelves: The concept of fairytale revisionism is interesting and has potential, but the execution while competent left me cold about all the characters. I would have prefered a comic approach in the style of Christopher Moore instead of this high drama and heroic intensity. I'm also feeling that each book in this Princess series is a little less than its predecessor. Oct 09, Felix rated it liked it.

This is a good read. It did not hold my interest as the prior 2 did. Sep 13, Jamie rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , fairy-tale-retelling , lgbt , read-in I enjoyed this one a lot more than The Mermaid's Madness. Don't get me wrong: TMM was good and fun, but at times I felt the plot was dragging. Here, in Red Hood's Revenge , I didn't find myself getting bored, and thoroughly enjoyed the twists in the plot. Most of all, I loved Talia's growth, learning more of her backstory. Whereas Mermaid's Madness shown the spotlight on Snow a bit more, here it was the Talia show, and I was so happy for it.

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Her country, which is heavily inspired by Arab and Middle-Eastern countries, is accepting of same-sex romance and couples than Lorindar and other countries, which is wonderful. This is a fun series. I've been listening to them on audio book at work, and the narrator is fantastic; she does a lovely job of giving characters voices without being obnoxious, which can be hard to do.

In a new book, the founders of the firm that compiled it defend their work.

Looking forward to jumping right into the last book! Sep 21, Bara rated it it was amazing Shelves: english-original. This was the best Princess book yet. This series is seriously underrated. All the fairy tale hype in the last years and no one talks about Hines. He's a male author but writes great female characters and he has a lot of them.