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You should also check if a handle under your brand name is available on over popular social networks. Which brings us to the next important thing. People also use social media to find new products and businesses. You better be there before you run into some issues. So, register your name across all social networks your potential customers may be using. At the very least, fill out your bio, add a profile picture and a cover image. That way you protect your brand from imposters and other wrongdoers.

Also, link out to your social profiles on your website. You can add social media icons in the header as well as the sitewide footer of your website.

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That way search engines know that those are your official pages and this can increase your chances of fully owning the SERP for your brand. These could be industry or local directories. Your aim is to find the ones relevant to your business and make sure your site and info is listed accurately.

Find Ready-to-Buy Customers with Google My Business

NAP name, address, phone consistency is actually a major ranking factor in Google for local searches. Moreover, many of these sites feature reviews and comments. This includes two major things:. These are the top review sites in terms of traffic and influence. However, this is by no means a complete list. Almost every business category from real-estate and home services, down to healthcare, financial and legal industries have a whole host of review websites. Keep a close eye on relevant review sites in your industry so you can manage your reputation promptly and effectively.

When you delight customers with your service and products, you want them to share their satisfaction with the world. While some naturally leave a review without you asking them, most of the time you need to encourage happy customers to drop those 5 stars. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before you start asking for positive feedback. You can read the guidelines to top local review sites here. So the power is not only in the reviews but also in how you reply and handle the situation.

Reviews, both positive and negative provide useful feedback from customers. In fact, one of the worst things you could do is ignore upset customers. Follow these guidelines when you receive a negative customer review:. First of all, you need to have the right mindset — treat your 1 page of Google SERP as your business card! The number one page for your brand should provide all the necessary details about your business as well as establish credibility.

ReviewPush Blog

The new Google results page for branded searches now looks like this. Your primary goal should be that when someone searches for your brand on Google, your website is the first result shown on the top. And ideally, they should also see your site links. This is a pack of up to 10 shortcut links to different areas of your site that make it easier for users to navigate to the most popular sections. One of the reasons why you should care about site links is they occupy up to 5 organic positions in SERP, which means that the majority of space on page 1 above the fold area will belong to you alone.

This implies you need a well SEO optimized website, with a proper site architecture. Depending on the type of business, the Knowledge Panel will display different information. For example, some might feature an address, opening hours, phone number, reviews, etc. But you can definitely increase your chances of getting your panel by verifying your business in Google My Business.

Google also pulls information from other credible sources, so having a Wikipedia page for your brand can also help. The more Google knows about your business, the better. Your social media profiles may also appear in the Knowledge Panel. If Google can pick up on your social media accounts, it will display them at the bottom of the panel. To help with this, you should use a consistent name handle across all your profiles.

Search the site:

But also make sure link to your accounts form your site as I mentioned earlier. If you have a Twitter account, Google may also display your latest tweets as special cards.

Your checklist for handling negative reviews

They also take up a lot of space so you can have even more real-estate to yourself. This is another reason why it would be helpful to have a Wikipedia page for your brand, no matter how big or small it is. Top stories related to your brand may also appear on your first page. News can have a big impact on your reputation, both online and offline. For local businesses, when a location is of importance like for restaurants , Map Packs can also appear. Map packs take up a huge chunk of space on Google SERP and will display different locations with opening hours, phone numbers, as well as links to website and Google Maps directions.

They are obtainable only if you do good Local SEO, which you can learn more about in our Ultimate Guide mentioned earlier. Your competitors might target your brand as a keyword for Google Ads. In that case, their ad will appear above your website, which is a complete disaster in my opinion. You should use the number one page of branded Google SERP as a way to provide useful info and build a brand image. You should care about the SERP elements mentioned above because:.

That way you can ensure only positive information is displayed and you can establish a stellar online reputation. Actually, most of the time users search for useful information that can help them do something or solve a problem. Well, for you this is an outstanding opportunity to show off your expertise and build a good name for yourself by providing useful, valuable information. Write a solid piece of content that helps your target audience.

By helping people with valuable information, you build a strong reputation and brand image. Run a common industry term through keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Uber suggest or some advanced tools like SEM Rush or Ahrefs to find the keywords that you want to target with your content. Find a keyword that has a decent amount of searches and relatively lower competition, then create a high-quality blog post related to that topic. You can learn more about how to find the most profitable topics to target in our Keyword Research Guide. Avoid talking about yourself or your products in your blog posts, instead, focus on providing value to your audience.

Show them that you know the problem inside and out, and you know how to deal with it. That way you earn their trust and build a reputation as an authority in your industry. Measure your performance to identify problems as well as opportunities so you can make informed decisions on how to improve your content to get better results.

People are talking about you on the internet already, they might be writing reviews about your products, guides, comparisons, etc. But some of those articles might feature inaccurate or outdated information. And this can be bad for your reputation. Especially if those articles are getting a lot of traffic.

Online Reputation Management: What Your Business Needs to Know - Ello Marketing + Design Co.

So, run keyword research to find all the topics related to your brand name, and inspect the search results page to find all the blog posts mentioning you. Look for articles with inaccurate or outdated images, pricing, feature, etc. These can cause a lot of frustration and damage your brand since they set the wrong expectations. So, to mitigate this issue, reach out to these websites and politely ask them to update their articles with correct information.

You can even go so far as to fix the issue for them, send them the right screenshots or product images, or rewrite the faulty part of the post. It should do the trick in most cases. In modern times, more and more purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews. Sometimes the details may be inaccurate or outdated, or even worse, some might be trolling you and smearing your online reputation for no good reason.

Negative reviews are very off-putting and may damage your reputation and potentially cost you a ton of sales. The issue is exacerbated if those articles rank high and get a lot of traffic. Each review site your business has a presence on is a reflection of your brand. Take control so that you provide an excellent user experience for reviewers on those sites.

Claim a vanity URL that features your business name on sites that allow this, like Facebook Business.