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Sapiens or “How I Decide to Read a Book”

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Documentary Drama. Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom Animation Fantasy. Edit Cast Credited cast: Nick Bostrom Himself Richard Dawkins Himself Hugo De Garis Himself Adam Gazzaley Himself Ben Goertzel Himself Sam Harris Everybody wants their income to grow. People talk about investment, how can I invest my money so that each year I can have three per cent more? It is wild.

Yuval Noah Harari: ‘It takes just one fool to start a war’

The down side is the destabilizing of the ecological equilibrium. Over the past years, the human economy has been growing in an exponential way, but the cost is ecological degradation. We have been witnessing, over the last years, a series of continuing ecological catastrophes which have completely changed the planet. How many wolves are in Germany today?

The answer is less than one hundred. In comparison there are about five million domesticated dogs. Our future sounds scary. You note the U. Department of Defense is trying to interpret how our brains work and which human beings are angry or hateful.

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There is also the question of genetically altered DNA, already used in agriculture. The realistic approach is to acknowledge that we are probably one of the last generations of Homo sapiens.

We still have grandchildren but I am not so sure our grandchildren will have grandchildren. It is not that we will destroy ourselves in a nuclear war. This is not science fiction. Look at how humans are becoming inseparable from mobile phones and other applications. You have more and more devices attached to the body or implanted in the body. You have a photograph in your book of two people with bionic arms shaking hands.

They move their arms by thought. This is a medical breakthrough.

Medicine always starts with fixing problems and then it goes to upgrading. In the 20th century the main mission of the medical profession was to heal the sick. In the 21st century the same medicine used to heal the sick can be upgraded to change the healthy into super humans. In a century you will look back and realize we are not Homo sapiens, even more different from ourselves than Neanderthals or chimpanzees.

Evolution, natural selection, is being replaced by Intelligent Design.


Review: Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind

Harari uses critical insights and philosophical reflections to deliver takeaway lessons about the past that could help shape our future. I was referred by a friend at work to read this book. Super interesting, but some points do dive back into and jump back a forth throughout time here and there.

I would highly recommend this book. The only problem is, with human kind we always want more. I want to know more about certain areas, but he has literally told us where we are at. Making it hard for us to know more.