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It is unacceptable. My niece was killed by a driver, not a car. The car was just the object used to kill her. I may be a little biased, but this one hits close to home. And I do know that I feel the same way no matter what. What if a child runs out into traffic chasing a ball. I think the author is not trying to place blame but rather trying to describe the maturation process of the ability to be in the moment. Pedestrians should remember too that being right will not protect them from being hit if driver makes mistake.

The Straits Times

We are people, we all make mistakes. Unfortunately some of them are fatal. However, pedestrians should also use common sense in regards of their safety not simply rely on being right. A pedestrian yes.

KKCO-Student Hit by Car at O.M.M.S.

A person on a bike is still considered a motor vehicle. The person being the motor. The bike being the vehicle. Riders automatically think that we can see them farting out into traffic and in Pa they must maintain the same speed limits or get out of the way of cars trucks. The child that I hit was crossing the crosswalk when it was red for him. Blocking my view was a semi who saw the child in the right lane and I was in the left lane 5 lane road. The child went in front of the semi and was in front of me without ANY warning as the semi was blocking my view of the crosswalk keeping in mind the light was green for me.

I had approached the crosswalk going 20 MPH, the light turned green yards from the intersection. It was horrifying and, by far, the worst incident that I have ever experienced. Luckily, the child who also was not wearing a helmet was ok other than a slight concussion.

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He was honestly very lucky to be alive. I am a careful driver who has never been in an accident other than this and had 1 ticket in my 18 years of driving. Accidents happen sadly. Yeah the parents dont pay attention so thats there falt for their kids getting hurt.

Children May Be At Increased Risk Of Being Hit By Cars Over The Summer

At Walmart this giy hit a 5 year old girl and he was saying that sje is not hirt by the way the car hit her and the mother was no where to be seen she was left at Walmart and she went in to the street and got hit by the car. My daughter is age 5, I never allow her to play out in the street. No darting out in the street. Plus, I always hold her hand or give her a piggyback ride to keep her safe. Another thing I notice nowadays, a lot of children are being raised in broken homes without a father around which is no good.

Also, we need to teach our kids to listen for danger coming. This world is becoming increasingly dangerous. Another problem I sadly see nowadays are parents who hate their kids being corrected. They hate correcting their kids and they hate others correcting their kids. My almost 4 year old was hit by a car yesterday I feel like the worse mom in the world. She survived with only bruising and a slight skull fracture.

Boy dies after being struck by cars

Parents have to take the blame because they send young kids out into the street alone way too young!!! What about older kids? Are their parents to blame? My 14 year old niece was hat by a car and now in coma. Car in the closest lane stopped, but neither her nor driver of the car in the next lane did not see each other.

Who is here to blame? And I know other incidents of teens being hit by a car when they cross in right place. I only read this article because Im having a problem with people coming to a toddler park that is surrounded by busy streets and leaving the gates open.

follow This park is in a shape of a triangle and each side has streets with zooming cars going by. I try to mention to the people about the children being in danger by leaving the gates open but it doesnt seem to sink in. I even find some parents doing it! This park has newborns to 5 year olds playing at the park all the time. Does anyone have any advice? Hello there I have to admit it sad an not safe but fun for the kids an my be walking good distance.

Every morning I see that a child is getting hit by a car, this is scary and its not all the kids fault.

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Its people in a hurry on there phones.. Walking my kids to school one morning I too was almost clipped by a car going about 50 miles per hour , she never slowed down even though she could clearly see me almost across the walk and I just made it to the sidewalk before she almost hit me…. I should have had plenty of time acording to how far back she was….. I hit a young child in a cross walk yesterday. Clearly the most devastating moment of my life. I too, am a careful driver. One ticket in my life. I stopped and the child was running in the cross walk.

Thank the lord above, he is most likely going to be ok. He had a big bruise on his head. A little blood from being scratched, but no other bleeding. Due to the increase pedestrian children being hit on the roads by innocent motorist, i think it would be good to more signage to help motorist be aware of children in high children traffic areas.

Would you be willing for a phone intereview? Thanks, Kevin. I am not going to try and argue with anyone on here. I am simply going to say how i feel over the whole thing. My brother was hit by a car about three weeks ago and when it happened i had went to the bathroom. I blame myself entirely for what happened to him. I am only sixteen and to be honest that was horrifying for me. He is still in the hospital. I blame her but not entirely because i should have been there.

I had had a bike accident with a kid that ran out I front of me and I skitted and slid into him when I came to a halt. I was not at fault because the parent was not watching her kid.

Mother of Euclid 9-year-old killed in hit-skip speaks at suspect's sentencing

The kid was not injured neither was I. Yet to this day kids are not entirely being supervised by parents, they are too busy partying or talking to other people. My advice is if you have a child playing in the street, look for bikes and cars. If you are in a car, honk for attention. Hi Tristan, I have a college project going on right now, trying to propose Pierce County install signage to help alert motorist in areas of high children population areas of children at play.

Would you be willing for a phone interview? Schools and parents should be doing more to teach kids street safety when walking on the sidewalk and crossing the street. I think the school system is just as much to blame as the parents are in most cases.