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Always the same digit? Always the same place? Always the same time of day?

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And then what? Is the residue flicked off? Wiped on a tissue? Wiped on the underside of an article of clothing? Wiped off on a rug?

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On furniture? Added to a booger wall? Or maybe the residue is eaten. Most societies condemn it, but some scientists claim there are health benefits.

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How often? But one-to-two hours daily? How about peeing in the shower? Or the bathtub?

Glimpses of the Unmentionable in the History of British Social Anthropology

The ocean—or the swimming pool? Is your female character comfortable urinating outside? In all of these circumstances, the other people politely looked the other way.

But then how did it happen that the last night out I was voted the person most improved in peeing off the side of the raft? It seems whole herds of people get completely naked to poop—every time.


Imagine trying to use a public toilet! Not washing hands after using the bathroom. And it raises the question of why not wash? I remember a joke from grade school. I know of a woman who became furious if someone passed gas in her presence: smell is a molecular sense, so smelling a fart means taking in fecal molecules. Eating from the cooking pot.

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In this case, whether your character lives alone is relevant. Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan has very interesting serving dishes. But what if your naked character regularly sits on the sofa and reads? Cooks dinner? Sits on the deck or patio—and if so, at what time, and how private is the space? What about taking naked selfies for no particular reason? The latest art and artist features, news stories, events and more from BBC Arts. From Ackroyd and Blake to Warhol and Watt.

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Explore our Art and Artists features. From old Masters to modern art. Find clips of the important artists and their work. BBC Arts. Main content.

Mentioning the unmentionable – is no subject taboo in a group?

More on Hastings. Bohemian rhapsody John Moores Painting Prize nominee and Hastings resident Alessandro Raho reveals why the south coast town is such a hotbed of creativity. You must enable JavaScript to play content. About the film. Related Links. Jerwood Gallery www. Watch the crowdfunding pitch.